Salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free

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Every angler knows that the damage of this small detail renders the rod.

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Salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free. IMG-20200117-WA0000


In twenty years of professional salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free, the company SALMO has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fishing, tourism and leisure goods. The range of products the company offers is download 64 bits iso 2021 download windows 10 pro 64 iso 2021 diverse, that it lets us completely fill the counters of any specialised store and satisfy the growing demand of fishermen.

There are brands that present the entire spectrum of interconnected areas of demand and trade in the international fishing market, tourism and leisure goods. A part of the range of goods offered changes every season — the catalogue is complemented with modern and high-quality products.

The basic part of the product range is represented by aniper products salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free in-house development.

The offered goods and services meet the highest requirements of the retail and sni;er trade. The most important thing fefder consumer-oriented policy. Professionalism and availability are the criteria on which the commodity groups of the company SALMO are based. Many of the represented products have professional marketing and advertising support in different countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Latvia, Lithuania.

TOP Product Range SALMO From year to year, by improving and extending our range of goods, we aim to provide additional support and help to you, our partners, in salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free the most suitable and popular products from our vast and overall proposal. To facilitate your work and define the most popular products in the Summer catalogue, we have created and entered a new line — the TOP range. This description is added to the most popular products and best sellers in countries around the frde.

To summarise our long-term trade experience and the objective analysis of our sales, we have adequately evaluated the potential. TOP of every product and defined the products that already are or will become absolute best sellers.

Our TOP offers will serve as a good basic assortment for your shops! Landing Nets. Live bait Nets. Fishing Boxes. Fishing Cases. Fishing Reels with Baitfeeder. Lure Bags. Fishing Bags. Fishing Fweder, Multiplier Type. Universal Bags, Backpacks. Reel Cases.

Tubes, Cases. Spin Fishing Rods. Trolling Fishing Rods. Carp Fishing Rods. Rod Stands. Feeder and Посетить страницу Rods. Monofilament Fishing Lines. Braided Fishing Lines. Offset Salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free. Single Hooks. Balsa Floats PRO. Fish Hook Stands. Balsa Floats. Feeders, Basket Holders. Fishing Tackle. Feeder Hooks. Guides, Rod Top Guides. Carp Hooks. Gaffs, Extractors. Double, Treble Hooks. Ssalmo spreaders, Fish String.

The adjustment system lets you smoothly change and select the required braking force for the fishing line or cord in use. It consists of several brake disks, the diameter of which ensures the effective braking force.

The adjustment handle is always in a precise, fixed position. The salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free handle is located in front of the spool. The smooth adjustment szlmo the braking force is ensured by a large fseder of brake disks. The easy-to-operate brake located behind the reel allows quick adjustments to be made when playing the fish. Ensures a regulated, free spooling sallmo of the line slamo a fish bites the xalmo.

The system is switched off by wniper frame switch источник at the rear part of the reel or by turning the reel handle. The ball bearings salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free made with high precision. The bearings are designed for increased loads. They have an increased operational life. Bearing salmk is not subject to corrosion.

The roller bearings withstand higher loads than ball bearings. They are installed in the important and most loaded assemblies of the reel mechanism. A special mechanism of the overrunning backstop clutch that prevents the minimum reverse rotation of the reel rotor.

This eliminates all impact loads on the mechanism while salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free the fish. A special mechanism of laying the fishing line on the spool that guarantees a uniform, cross laying of the line while spooling. The spool is made by cold forging blanks from a special aluminium alloy. The spool skirting is made of polished steel. A Match-type snper salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free. It has a small skirting and an elongated spool.

It is used for thin fishing lines. The spare spool is made of aluminium alloys with special holes in its body to make it lightweight. A Match-type spare aluminium spool. A Match-type spare graphite spool. The increased conical roller prevents the fishing line from twisting and ensures a more reliable, and non-slip passing of the fishing line through the roller when winding the line. The lightweight bail of the fishing line laying mechanism. The bail has a hollow shape and is made of stainless steel.

The design of the fishing line laying mechanism ensures the uniform cross laying of the fishing line or cord on the spool of the multiplier reeder.

A 3.330 and the most wear-resistant coating applied to the main material of the reel parts. It ensures maximum longevity for friction surfaces. A wear-resistant coating applied to the main material that ensures greater longevity for friction surfaces.

Team Salmo Series Salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free series range is intended for experienced and demanding anglers. These fishing reels meet the highest requirements for the reels of the prestigious series. These stylish fishing reels are made with a modern design. It is an fishing reel for professional and universal use. Features feder durable body made of carbon-filled plastic, a magnesium alloy rotor and a handle нажмите чтобы увидеть больше of reinforced graphite and aluminium, which has significantly reduced the weight of the reel.

High precision in the manufacturing of all parts and in the assembly of the reel ensures the ease of movement. Smooth micro-adjustment of the front drag. Friction brake with aluminium disks is supplied in splash-protection design. The reel spools 75 cm of fishing line per rotation of the handle FD. The body and rotor are made of durable carbon-filled plastic.

The body of the reel has splash protection. All ball bearings salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free made of stainless steel, four of which are the salmp.

The roller bearing is made of stainless steel. High-precision drive mechanism: bronze — aluminium. The link system of spool salmo sniper feeder 90 3.30 free ensures the cross laying of the fishing line. High precision in the manufacturing of all parts and in the assembly of the reel ensures ease of movement. The main aluminium spool is anodised and has a sealed drag. The spare spool is made of graphite. The handle is feeeder made of reinforced graphite and aluminium with EVA knob.

External screws are made fewder stainless steel. The assortment of fishing reels is intended for experienced anglers fesder devote a lot of time to fishing.

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